Len Gostkowski - President

Raianne Saeli - Vice President

Dann Wulf - IT Director

Mark Gates - Senior Developer

Keynote Systems Corporation

Keynote Systems Outside View of Location

2810 Sweet Home Rd
Amherst, New York 14228

Phone: (716) 564 - 1332
Fax: (716) 564 - 1609
E-mail: info@keynotesystems.com
We are open 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday and we are closed for most goverment holidays.

About Us

Keynote Systems Corporation, leaders in online business technology, provide payroll services, billing software, and advanced accounting systems for many industries. Keynote Systems Corporation provides Software that is feature rich to improve your business productivity. Keynote Systems serves business of any size to help support your businesses continuous growth.

We have clients all over the country with the ability to run our software from anywhere. Our software resides on advanced server technology onsite where we monitor your data and protect your company from any outages. During the emergency of September 11, 2001, we were able to service all of our New York City clients their payroll without delay. During the October storm when hundreds of New York customers were without of power, we at Keynote Systems Corporation provided paychecks and software operations for clients from our site without any increase in charges.

We encourage you to give us a call and find out what we at Keynote Systems can do to cost effectively rejuvenate your company with the software you need for continued organizational growth, call us today!

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