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Our software is tightly integrated, giving you the peace of mind you need. Now we can offer you a service that gives your company a modern edge. For information on Keynote's Employee services, click here.

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About Keynote's Software (as a Service)

When you choose software you want to software you trust. Software that won't break down, has no bugs or quick turn around, doesn't slow productivity, and software that can grow with you. Keynote Systems Corporation software does all that, its software with a pulse for your business and after 30 years of doing business we know what our clients want. To give you all these features and streamline development to work with you, not against you, we host our software with us.

We give you the protection you need from the latest internet threats by monitoring our services on a regular basis. We monitor who is accessing our system and how frequent to prevent any fraudulent activity. We protect our servers with a 256-bit Encryption, and for back office content we give you a secure VPN tunnel right from your office to ours. We backup and maintain a huge library of daily backups to prevent any true data lose if something does happen. Our servers out hosted in a huge data center in which they are powered by several redundancy systems to prevent any data loss in the event of electrical failure.

When you come on board and choose our software, your choosing software that is trusted by hundreds of companies. We've served the biggest and the smallest organizations out there, we even supported a NFL football team. We have never once missed a payroll, even during the emergency of September 11, 2001, our New York City clients payroll went our regardless of the circumstances. When you choose Keynote Systems Corporation as your Business Software, your choosing software that is extremely reliable. Contact us today, to find out what Keynote Systems Corporation can offer you.

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