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All of our software, including the software for Home Health Management, is hosted by us on secure servers of which you get piece of mind. We take care of the technical work and you can relax to do what you do best, run your business.

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Home Health Management Software

Keynote Systems has been providing Home Health Management Solutions for customers all over the country for more than 10 years. We still are the leaders in Home Health Management software because we give you the tools you need to run this unique business.

We are able to provide to you software that lets you record the medical documentation you need to conduct full Care Planning, from womb to tomb we give you the ability to service clients regardless of medical need or payer. We can tailor our software to bill appropriately according to any 3rd Party Medical payer, and we are the only software that can support any particular demand that a medical payer may need to properly understand their clients medical needs.

Once you Log On to Keynote's Web System you are given the ability to create new records for clients, add a payer relationship, initiate a prior approval, and work with Case, Episodes, and Assessments in under 15 minutes. We give you the speed and accuracy of secretarial system with the rich experience the World Wide Web has to offer.

Medical Options Screen

Above is the Client Medical Information Screen to Quickly get access to a clients Medical Data.

The system combines the ease and flexibility of the World Wide Web and the power of a IBM Mainframe to give you fast and reliable access to the clients medical records so you can continue to service your clients without the hassle of most modern medical record systems. We also make it easy for you to look at medical record reports, with Keynote's Flex Reporting.


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