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Our software is hosted on secure servers and made accessible to you, anywhere and at anytime. Our software is fast, reliable, and safe to send the most sensitive information. For more information about our software, click here.

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Complete Staffing Solution

Complete Staffing Software Service

Keynote Systems has been offering staffing software solutions for over 3 decades and is known for our staffing software's reliability and quick responses. We give you access to your information in seconds and we know that your business's productivity will skyrocket as your employee's get use to this fast paced system. We can guarantee that this system will give you what you need to make rapid changes in your employee's scheduling.

Once your scheduling personal get used to the system, its modes of access never change allowing you the insurance that an update won't hinder employee satisfaction and productivity. For the past 30 years we have been expanding the software to become as versatile as possible to support any request for staff from any industry. From medical staffing to temporary staffing, we support staffing agencies in almost any field.

We know how hard it is to get custom reporting, that is why all of our software comes bundled with Keynote's Flex Reporting. We give you the tools to analyze your business and prepare for growth. For more information on Keynote's Flex Reporting, click here.

Basic Employee Infromation Screen

The screen above shows the Basic Employee Information entry screen and allows quick access to modify pay, tax, and other information.


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