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Keynote Systems Payroll Services

The Payroll Service with a Difference

For over 25 years Keynote has been providing industrial strength payroll and complete accounting systems solutions to demanding clients in a wide range of industries including temporary help, home health care, and employee leasing… even an NFL team.

… We've actually created and support the software that is currently used by many other independent payroll service companies.

After over 25 years in the business, we've seen it all.

  • Affordable - Save 30% or more over the cost of other major national brands,
  • Reliable - Nobody ever missed a payroll on Keynote's watch.
  • Flexible - Our systems are engineered from the ground up to adapt to virtually any company's needs.
  • Secure - Your sensitive payroll data is securely hosted in our state of the art "SAS 70 Certified" data center.
  • Scalable - Whether you have 5 or 50,000 employees, Keynote can provide a payroll service solution that fits like a glove.
  • Systems Integration Specialists - We play well with others….

Keynote can provide seamless integration with your General Accounting, Human Resource or Job Cost Systems - Your people can talk to our people to make our systems securely talk to yours at the level of detail you need. Save time and minimize the errors inherent in rekeying data into multiple systems.

And That's Just the Start …

Almost any payroll service will accurately calculate and print paychecks or create direct deposit bank data; print W2's and 941's, create management and accounting reports, and generate government reporting files. For many companies, that's all you might want or need…

Keynote can do all that, and a whole lot more, at a lower cost than you're probably paying now.

With Keynote YOU get to pick and choose the services you need from a wide range of possibilities - from basic payroll processing through complete bookkeeping and accounting services. You can start with just basic payroll service and move into a more integrated service mode as your confidence with the relationship grows.

Here are just a few of the Extra Things that Keynote can do for You

(Above and beyond getting the paychecks out and keeping the government happy)

  • We provide you with secured Internet access to perform your own employee maintenance, inquire into payroll history and generate management and accounting reports.
  • With Keynote YOU get to pick and choose the services you need from a wide range of possibilities - from basic payroll processing through complete bookkeeping and accounting services. You can start with just basic payroll service and move into a more integrated service mode as your confidence with the relationship grows.
  • Ability to collect paycheck transaction data from any data source - via direct online entry, time clock system file export, spreadsheet transmittal… pick the method or methods that work for you… we'll know how to make it work.
  • Access to a wide range of Human Resource and General Administrative Management functions (most available at no additional charge).
    • Track employee attributes - Almost any piece of data you need can be defined, linked to a employee record, and searched and reported upon. Example: special event dates, skills, professional licenses, test scores, EEO classifications, benefits information etc..
    • Upload and inventory documents such as Resumes, Job applications, I9 documentation, Warnings, Kudos or Reviews. Any digitized document or file can be uploaded to our secure server, linked to any employee and retrieved on demand.
    • Track the status of worker's compensation and unemployment claims.
    • Enter education and employment history.
    • Manage Benefits - Automatically accrue and track the balance of vacation and sick time.
  • Pick your printing and check distribution option.
    • Print paychecks right at your site (or let us route them to multiple work sites). Check information is securely encrypted, and can only be printed on "theft safe" blank check stock - Your company logo, bank routing info and even the signature is encoded and printed on demand via a special program that only authorized personnel can access. Avoid delivery charges and the potential for delay in getting your checks to where they need to be… into your employees hands.
    • OR… Let us print and mail your checks directly to your employees, pick them up at our office, or have them delivered by courier or express mail them to your place or places of business (delivery fees apply).
  • Give us your specifications and Keynote can automatically calculate special compensation and deduction types such as commissions, employer 401K match, other cash or non-cash, taxable or non-taxable compensation or deduction types.
  • Automated bank check reconciliation.
  • Print Garnishment checks - Calculate almost any garnishment automatically, set up payees and print checks to and properly account for mandated garnishment withholdings.
  • Job Cost Distribution - Accurately allocate direct and indirect costs (including accrued unemployment, employer FICA, worker's comp or other standard cost burdens) to specific jobs, departments, work locations, lines of business etc… Any classification coding you need can be passed through our payroll processor with timely results electronically transmitted back to your management and general accounting systems in the formats you desire, at the level of detail you need.
  • Real Double Entry Accounting - OUR BOOKS FOOT! - Our table driven system architecture ensures that we can conform to your exact accounting structure. Accountants, CPA's and auditors love Keynote because we understand the importance of footed books of original entry, cutoff controls, proper accrual accounting, and complete GAAP and Sarbane/ Oxley compliant audit trails and transparency.
  • Get the benefits of having a payroll system that is integrated into your overall management and accounting information systems without the problems associated with having sensitive detailed employee payroll information sitting on your company server where controlling access is always problematic.
  • Multi-Company Processing - We understand how a single "organization" might actually have a complex accounting, management and statutory reporting structure. We understand intercompany accounting and can automate the often complex intricacies of intercompany charge backs via fully transparent, double entry redistribution entries.
  • Keynote Employee Services is now here. A complete "MY KEYNOTE" self service website (and an underlying web service that you can integrate into your existing Internet applications) will be available for individual employees to securely access their benefits information, view their pay check history and access other selected information (such as employee handbooks, news and announcements). Our experienced technical staff can work with you to custom tailor web page functions - such as branding with your company logo and color scheme, creating links to other company sites, presenting scheduling data - or programmed for other special needs such as questionnaires, raising issues, providing feedback, requesting information…etc.. the possibilities are up to you. For more information on the Keynote Employee Services, click here.

Talk to a Keynote Representative today about your company's payroll service needs.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by what real customer service is, and what high performance payroll processing really means.
… And we're sure you'll be really surprised by how little it can cost.
We are a not a one-size fits all payroll service. Our scalable software and "hands on" customer service and technical support staff can handle the needs of the smallest business or a Fortune 500 company.



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